“The distinctive mission of the University is to fulfill Quaid’s Vision of developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future. The university adheres to it by providing them the access to a valuable, rigorous, technology-infused education, participation in scholarly and creative endeavors on a vast scale.”


The Department of Information Technology at PUJC has been established with the aim of providing state-of-the-art computer facilities to the students. Maintaining strong links with the industry, the Faculty has designed such programmes that meet the ever-changing demands of workplace and professional development. These programmes equip the students with a broader and deeper understanding of the theory, design and application of computers to enable them to implement their novel ideas. Our students will ‘learn to learn’, so that they can readily adapt themselves to the field of computing as well as their work environment. In addition, they will have good oral and written communication skills, as well as a clear understanding of ethical issues relating to the computing profession.


This program is aimed at higher-caliber under graduate students who are both academically able and exhibit strong managerial potential. This program spreads over 8 semesters and covers 132 credit hours in 4 years. The package will consist of 42 courses with 2 months internship in any reputed public or private organization.


A set of comprehensive courses has been introduced to meet the needs of modern and expanding business environments. The student will have to study the following courses in various semesters in accordance with the Time Tables notified before the start of each semester. The College reserves the right of any suitable change at any time.


The legal education is one of the highest ranking educations in the world. The Department of Law is established in the Punjab University JhelumCampus with a mission to provide advanced legal education focusing on the specific needs of the people of this region.