Department of English


The Institute of English Studies aspires to be a leading academic and research institute in the field of English language and literature at the graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. By providing a nurturing yet academically challenging environment it envisions developing a community of responsible, empathetic, intellectual, critical and creative individuals and thinkers equipped with an improved awareness and perception of the world around them.


The Institute of English Studies is dedicated to provide excellence in literary and language studies at the graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels and aims to help shape individuals into outstanding scholars, teachers, researchers and responsible citizens; to promote and expand productive, innovative and diverse research that generates new literary approaches and contributes to the study of languages and literatures across the world. Our aim is to prepare students with the knowledge of literature, language and culture through a variety of texts and to help them appreciate the power and impact of the study on the global community.


The Institute of English Studies fosters the following goals:

  • To develop and refine critical thinking and writing skills for analyzing individual texts from different genres.
  • To promote a study and an understanding of societies, cultures, traditions and history through literary texts from across the globe.
  • To train students in critical theory and current literary research methods in order to help them initiate specialized and interdisciplinary research.
  • To enhance the awareness of the English language and its correlation with other cultures and communities.